20:23 29 Sep 22
To say Smile Therapy has been life changing for our son (and family), is an understatement! Since attending SMILE, we have seen him surpass goals that once felt out of reach. At his Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy appointments, I know that he is receiving the best care and support possible!They also provided us with a Home Therapy Program, which has allowed us to feel like we are continuing to do everything possible to support our son, even outside of his appointments. I have so much love and gratitude for this program and everyone that is involved in it. I truly do not know what we would do without them!
Nicole MurphyNicole Murphy
18:09 15 Dec 21
We cannot say enough great things about SMILE and everyone of their team members!!Our daughter is the most risk-adverse child there is and the team quickly got her comfortable with being uncomfortable without any distress. Our daughter looked forward to seeing and hugging everyone each morning and afternoon even when knowing hard work was waiting for her.The team was so accommodating with us being from out of town and allowed us to camp out a bit before our long drive back home. We even made some friends in the lunch room before we left for our drive back to Edmonton which set the tone for our long drive.We love SMILE and will be back in the spring!
Jeanette MendezJeanette Mendez
02:58 15 Dec 21
I was advised to check SMILE therapy when they opened in Calgary and this was the best advice we could have received. This place its beautiful for the families and kids, all the walls have beautiful themes that call for inclusion, the equipment is new and amazing, but the Best of Smile is their people. We have worked with PT, OT, speech therapist, and massage therapy. Everyone surpassed my expectations. Everyone is so knowledgeable in their areas, and all loving to my son. We truly found an amazing team that cares for my son and pushes him in the right way. As a parent of a child with special needs, I have learned so much with them, they always hear my concerns, don't hesitate in sharing how to replicate the exercises at home, and make sure I go home knowing what to do.
alisha raialisha rai
22:23 14 Dec 21
SMILE has and continues to provide amazing care for my son. The clinic is clean and well organized and the staff members are super friendly and are always going the extra mile to accommodate our schedules between what feels like a million medical appointments a week. Having a child with special needs is very stressful without a doubt but SMILE has helped to alleviate some of that stress. I love that they always see the potential in my little cerebral palsy warrior. We would be lost without the guidance and support of our SMILE team.
Lauren NewtonLauren Newton
15:56 21 Sep 21
Game changer! We have been going several times per week for the past few months and the difference it has made for my daughter is astounding. The entire staff there is absolutely wonderful, and have helped her make so much progress in many different areas. SMILE has given my daughter so much independence and confidence, and she now gets so excited when she sees the door to the clinic. She has RAN towards it a few times in her walker. If that isn't a huge testament to the staff and program, I don't know what is! Julie (one of the owners) has created the perfect space to help our children thrive, and she has been so great with communicating with our family every step of the way. Therapy can be tough for kiddos, and the whole team has worked so hard to make sure our sessions are both fun and beneficial for her development. She's made so many big and mini milestones since starting at SMILE, and it's worth every penny. And if you need any more convincing... they now offer both paediatric AND parent massage therapy right in the clinic (parent massages can be done while your kiddo is in their own sessions). What could be better than getting yourself a massage to unwind (and get a mini break!) while you know kiddo is in great hands with the SMILE therapists?