Doman Method

About the Doman Method

The Doman Method was founded by Glenn Doman, who, in the 1940s, graduated as a physiotherapist from Penn University and took an immense interest in neuroplasticity, and especially in stroke survivors. His revolutionary discoveries in what contributed best to stroke survivors regaining their skills led to his founding of the Institute of Achievement of Human Potential, which, shortly after, took on the mission of working with children with neural challenges, or what IAHP coined as being 'brain-injured'. Doman and the Institute went on to work with thousands of children from all over the world, perfecting their methods, and establishing systematic methods in which parents and practitioners can follow the Institute's programs.

How Does the Doman Method Work?

The Doman Method in its entirety is quite complex, being that it is aimed in growing the child in 6 different areas: Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Mobility, Language, Manual Competence. Those parents that are interested in learning about the method in its entirety are encouraged to partake in the Institute of Human Potential's courses for parents, or those put on by Doman International.

That said, even if parents haven't taken the courses, the SMILE Calgary team is trained on delivering the Doman Method program to some capacity and can adapt it to your child's needs. The components of the program that parents often struggle with delivering at home the most is the Mobility component, as it requires large custom-built pieces of equipment, including a Crawling Track and Brachiation Ladder. Both of these pieces of equipment are available at the SMILE Therapy clinic for families' use, either through purchasing a Common Access pass or by having one of the SMILE's therapy assistants facilitate the Mobility program for your child.

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