Brian Banderk & Julie Rubin

Brian and Julie's world was turned upside down when in February of 2019, at 3 months old, their baby boy, Kaleb, received an unexpected and frightening diagnosis of Lissencephaly. This diagnosis meant that he was born with a very serious brain malformation, which ultimately was leading to him having severe cognitive and physical delays. Since then, they've searched relentlessly on how to help Kaleb reach his highest potential and live as independent and fulfilling life as possible. This search included sleepless nights, internet rabbit holes, plane rides, road trips, hundreds of hours of at-home therapy, and connecting with other families in similar situations from far and wide. It quickly became clear that the resources are there, but half the work is finding them and the other is access. Many of these resources weren't available in Western Canada, and after the pandemic began restricting access even further, it became clear that more supports for kids like Kaleb needed to become available locally. Through an already mutually-commendable relationship with esteemed physiotherapist, Jo-Anne Weltman, a partnership was formed to expand Jo-Anne's existing much loved SMILE Therapy for Kids clinic to Calgary, AB. Julie and Brian bring a combined 3 decades of business experience in operations, finance, marketing, human resources, and strategy, and are excited to apply this experience to making the Calgary clinic a supportive, professional, and innovative space that supports special-needs families with all their kids' developmental needs.

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