Jo-Anne Weltman

Jo-Anne was one of the first three physiotherapists in the World to be accepted to complete the Level III course in Cuevas MEDEK therapy, a very specialized technique in Physiotherapy for children. She has since also founded her own therapy modality inspired by CME, called Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI).
Jo-Anne’s objective has always been to provide the best services to the children that she works with, so in January 1999 began a private practice. By 2002 that practice was occupying her full-time and led to the opening of S.M.I.L.E. Therapy for Kids. She continues to research and find the best treatments for all the children that are under her care and connects with specialists all over the world to achieve this.
Jo-Anne also travels to various countries to provide CME and DMI therapy for groups of families who request her services. Jo-Anne is looking forward to continuing to mentor and train new therapists to become stronger in this field and will carry on traveling and teaching as many people in as many places to help children all over the world. 

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