Alyssa Coulas

I'm originally from Ontario but call Calgary home now. Over the years, I've worked with organizations such as Best Buddies and Special Olympics and I've enjoyed every minute of working with people with special needs. I have a background in personal training, where I trained some of my Special Olympics Powerlifters outside of the season. I have also spent years as a Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST), a modality that targets the connective tissue (fascia), muscles and joint capsule to improve range of motion as well as joint health.

I have also completed my Diploma in Massage Therapy at Mount Royal University where, through a special case study, I put into practice specific massage techniques to someone living with Ataxic Quadrapelic Cerebral Palsy. I was amazed at the improvement of mobility I was able to achieve. It is seeing these results that has given me the drive to work with those living with CP and other disabilities. My hope is to reduce the amount of invasive CP-related surgeries needed over the course of someone's lifetime and to help them live more functional and comfortable lives.

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