Trevor Anderson

Trevor graduated with his Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013 from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor in Physical Education from the University of Alberta. Trevor spent the first 5 years of his physiotherapy career honing his manual handling and hands-on skills in the musculoskeletal side of the profession, treating various conditions and pathologies in the adult population. Starting in 2018 Trevor made the switch to pediatrics and has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and learning opportunities that have come with it. Trevor has worked in a healthcare setting working with children with CP, ASD, FASD, spina bifida and global gross motor delay. He currently also works in the school system, working in a special needs school in Calgary as well a rural school division. In addition to this extensive work experience Trevor has specialized training in trauma informed practice as well as holds a Brain Story Certificate, adding to his ability to provide a client-centered approach when working with children and families. Since joining SMILE, Trevor has also embraced learning Dynamic Movement Intervention and is working towards completing his Level A-C certifications by the end of 2021 (as of Dec 6 he's completed Levels of A & B). Trevor prides himself in being compassionate and empathetic while simultaneously having a goal-focused approach.

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