Toy Switch-Adaptation Workshop

From: Saturday, May 29 at 3pm
To: Saturday, May 29 at 5pm

About The Event

Want your child to get a better understanding of cause and effect but are frustrated by the cost of switch-enabled toys (i.e. often 4-5 times the price of regular toys)? Us too! Join us for a workshop that will teach you how to adapt toys yourself, for a tiny fraction of purchasing.

This workshop is delivered in partnership with FairPlay.

Other details:

  • Participants will be provided with a list of supplies that they'd be required to acquire prior to the workshop (up to $50/participant cost), depending on what they may already have at home)
  • In order to enable the workshop facilitator to troubleshoot everyone's needs, all participants will be adapting the same plush toy (exact toy will be included in the supplies list)
  • To ensure everyone's safety, the workshop will be delivered over zoom
  • Everyone is welcome, including parents, therapists, volunteers, etc.

**If you're a therapist joining the workshop and have no use for the finished adapted toy, you can donate it to the clinic and we'll ensure that it lands in the hands of a child that could use it.** 


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